Features :: For Home Owners

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User-friendly Interface

Unified user-friendly Interface compatible with all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows... Use the same familiar interface on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet or any PC in the house.
green house


Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your electricity consumption. Create schedules to turn on your high consumption appliances only when needed.
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Easy Configuration

Different scenes and schedules can be easily created and modified by home owners. No need to contact us to create or modify your lighting scenes or schedules. You can create them on your own in minutes using our user-friendly interface.

Seamless Audio/Video Streaming

Music/Video streaming (DLNA) built within the system. Now you can control your smart TV or compatible music system from the same app or have them play your favorite playlist automatically when you arrive home. The possiblities are endless.
remote management

Remote Access

Centralized and remote management of lights, shades, HVAC Systems, cameras, Audio/Video and electrical appliances. Secure access to your home from anywhere in the world using the Internet.

Features :: For Professionals

wall switch

Freedom of choice

Compatible with all standard wall sockets and switches to suit any interior design. Don’t be limited to a specific brand or range of wall sockets or switches. Choose any design available from any manufacturer or keep your own.
inputs outputs

Customized Integration

Whether you need to automate your lights, heating, motorized blinds, Audio/Video, pool pumps,...etc, We can do it with our customizable interface and wide range of IOs.
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DALI Compatible

Full control of DALI Lighting systems. Unlimited number of DALI lines, groups and scenes.

Flexible & Reliable

Multiple wiring options for an optimum flexibility in small and big projects. Industrial strength electrical components for the ultimate reliability.

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